Be creative my friend

Creativity does not answer to rules or owners.  It is not restricted to starting points or pre-established inspirations, nor to a dialogue with the muses or unusual revelations. We know that its logics are wild; that is why, rather than taming its wave, we ride the crests it raises to flow into the channel where the improbable meets the possible.

Far from conceiving our creativity as a mere concatenation of flashes or rarities, we assume it as a sustainable process, open on the one hand to the paths of curiosity, but on the other to method, research and development.

It is created from innocence, but it is built from knowledge. To the superficial, apparent and resounding novelty we put minimum and even candid gestures, outlined both from intuition and imagination and from temperament, effort and study.

Por supuesto, las apuestas no siempre se materializan como quisiéramos. Of course, the bets do not always materialize as we would like them to. Hundreds of hours are invested in experimentation, knowing that only a small part of the results reach our room. In the end, Mugaritz gravitates in an orbit in which the forces of its different realities intervene: material, commercial, creative… but, above all, human.