Unlimited semiosis

The process of signification has no limits: one sign can explain another sign. And another sign leads to the other. And so on. The possibility of interpreting what is interpreted by luck does not end. Exploring this capacity trains language and, therefore, mental processes.

In 2019, with regard to the publication of our book Vanishing Points, we prepared a glossary of terms so that anyone could better understand Mugaritz. We began by defining words linked to our reality, thinking that sharing the way we conceive different words or realities would help others to understand, for example, that for Mugaritz temperature is an ingredient; that texture is a flavour for us or that attention, in this house, is an elemental cooking technique. We realized, however, that more than just explaining ourselves, we could exercise the muscle of semiosis together with our followers. Thus, our glossary ceased to be unidirectional and became a dialogue, a sort of sourdough in which creative meanings contributed by those here, there and beyond fermented. By those who have decided to play with us, pouring into words images projected from experience, understanding and subjectivity. We began by taking a kind of notebook to the tables in our restaurant, inviting people to interact.

Then, taking advantage of the fact that the doors of Mugaritz closed from January to April (as corresponds to the period of creativity) but then because of the state of emergency due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we took advantage of the social networks to make the exchange even more dynamic, without imagining how a multiplier it would be.

In one of the challenges of resignification that we proposed, we launched the following question: What is Mugaritz for you?